CarBridge App

Now available for download on iOS & Android Devices

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Car Bridge

Bridge any app from your phone to your in car device system (apple car play working). Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime all working on your car dash with CarBridge!


You can watch Netflix in your car with Carbridge? Yes ANYTHING that your phone can do, carbridge will replicate it to your car! With a 5 minute install, you're crazy if you don't download Carbridge for free today! No additional costs or charges just free.

No Jailbreak

Yes you have read it right. No jailbreak required for iPhone or iPad devices. No need to ruin your phone just simply install from carbridgeapp.com. If you run into any issues please let us know on twitter! @carbridgeapp



Main Features:

  • Use your car like an iPhone - Everything works, google, calculator, netflix. EVERYTHING!
  • No jailbreak required just install from our website and connect your phone to your car!
  • Watch Youtube, maybe even check twitter all from your car dash!
  • A great community that can help you as well as tutorials for users!
  • Lightweight! The CarBridge App only weighs 24mb! It doesn't clog up space or drain your battery!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What iOS version does this work on? Currently ALL iOS versions it is working on. We currently have it working on the latest iOS 16.
  • Do i need to root my android device? No rooting is required for this tweak.
  • Why is the app not installing? Make sure to have downloaded the two free apps to connect the carbridge app to your phone. You won't be able to install our app without them. (they can be deleted)
  • What do I do once I've installed the app? Just simply connect it to your car via Bluetooth or Cable!